Is your child in a need of Special educator?

Is this ever happened with you?

You’re trying to teach a certain academic concept to your kid but even after many trials your kid is not able to learn it and to work on it your sending your kid to tuition and still it’s not working.


Now don’t be afraid of term Learning Disability and don’t be panic, if this is the case with your kid.

In case if your kid is showing a sign of Learning disability, he/she does not need a tuition teacher but A special educator.

School teachers and parents are sufficient for regular learners but teachers and parents have limitations when they have to teach kids with learning difficulty/disability.

Specially trained registered professionals are there to help the kids with Learning Difficulty in specialized manner.

Sapphire Multispecialty rehabilitation Clinic addresses such issues in kids.

Contact Sapphire Multispecialty Rehabilitation Clinic if you have queries about your kid’s learning, and/or if he/she is showing a sign o Learning Disability

                                    For appointment contact:  9769123341


 Consultation with the SPECIAL EDUCATOR, only on prior appointment.

            Address:   Sapphire Multispecialty Rehabilitation Clinic.

       235, Avior corporate park, Near Deep Mandir Theatre, L.B.S. Road. Mulund (west) Mumbai – 400080

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