Is there any Vaccination for Developmental disorders?

Is there any Vaccination for Developmental disorders?

Vaccination is considered to be best for prevention of any disease and as a precaution it is must. Numerous vaccinations are available in today’s world for different diseases. But is there any such a kind of vaccine/precaution available for developmental disorders like Autism or disorders that caused by various syndromes?

 These kind of developmental disorders causes many quality of life challenges.

By any chance, is it in our hand to control developmental disorders like Autism or disorders that caused by various syndromes?

The answer is NO.

If controlling disorder is not in our hand then what can be the option…. Given a thought controlling developmental disorder may not be in our hand but yes… it is in our hand to manipulate or lessen down the outcomes or characteristics of these developmental disorders and it is possible.

We all are aware that positive developmental changes are possible in kids with developmental disorders and that’s the reason they are enrolled for the therapies which are rehabilitative in nature. Occupational, speech and language, physiotherapy, ABA are the rehabilitation therapies to name few.
Considering the fact and strongly believing in the same, that positive developmental changes are possible upon earlier diagnosis of developmental disorder, a thought came in a mind……..why not start this Rehabilitative therapy well before diagnosis. As we know earlier the better. And this is the vaccine, I am talking about

No one knows about the newly born kid whether the newborn is born with any kind of developmental disorder. And this is really difficult to find as many of psycho-social developmental disorders does not come at surface until a certain age is acquired. And parents as well as Doctors won’t be having any idea about same at this early age.

Now none of the developmental rehabilitative therapy has adverse effects of its own. Thus starting it very early as a daily routine won’t do any harm.

The awareness of psycho-social developmental disorder is less, still few those who are aware of same would have fear of their kid would have any such a disorder in future. But having fear will not do any needful…..and waiting for what happens in future would be waste of time isn’t it! So this is where the VACCINE I am talking about will be useful.

When is the vaccine given to a kid? It’s neither after the disease nor is it possible to confirm before it would take place. It is only given, keeping it in mind that kid would, may get infected of disease so it is given in hypothesis. 

Unfortunately there is no as such vaccination for any psycho-social developmental disorder. But my definition of vaccination for psycho-social disorders as mentioned above will be useful one to reduce the undesirable characteristics of disorders.

It is not developmental disorders like autism or disorders caused by various syndromes parents or society would find is unwanted it is the undesirable outcomes which are unwanted.
Parents always put this point that particularly that  unwanted disorder specific characteristic was not there when the kid was very young and it has started coming when he/she is getting older. Same way some of developmental disorders in kids are identified only when the characteristics are coming at the surface. And to become visible or to come at surface these characteristics takes time.

 So make sure you use this virtual vaccination definitely for your kid and learn more about these developmental therapies.

In my next article I would try to provide information related to some of these therapies and how to make use of it none clinically and more naturally, till then give a serious thought to the virtual vaccination for psycho-social developmental disorder proposed.

Mr. Hemamt Bansode.

                    Audiologist and Speech Therapist.

                                                                            CRR no. A19808

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