Worried about your kid, who is not speaking yet!!

                            Worried about your kid, who is not speaking yet!!

oldies and neighbours around confusing you by telling nothing to worry she/he will speak and do not consult Doctor.

Do not fall prey to this comments, what seems very casual may not be really the one.

it could be a specific developmental delay or combination of developmental issues.

more often these kinds of developmental delays are ignored and taken very casual.

This kind developmental delay would be because of.

Non efficient brain functioning.
Muscular weakness.
Any medical condition.
Congenital difficulties.
Neurological difficulties.
Neuro-Muscular difficulties.
Any Disorder.
Autism-spectrum. etc.
whatever might be the reason or there might not be any concrete reason, ignorance or getting confuse is not the option.

It’s time to make a move, the best person who can guide you for your kids speech delay is “The Speech Therapist”. consult Speech Therapist around you who will after observing and after interviewing parent would diagnose and suggest the further action. she/he would roughly aware you about How do we speak?

it is true with ‘speech and language delay’ ….that

“earlier is the Diagnosis better is the Prognosis”


Hemant Bansode.

speech therapist and audiologist.

CRR No. A198

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