How do we speak?!!!!

How do we speak?!!!!

Open a mouth put some muscle together and we speak!!  Right???,  Well we all know that’s not how it works, But do we truly know exactly HOW DO WE SPEAK?

Well… Think about this, what would be basic components of speech or in simple words what you need if you have to speak….1.voice isn’t it right if we don’t have voice how would we speak. 2. Well voice is not enough there is something which converts our voice into some sort of pronunciations that is oral cavity. Well this is what we seriously feel is needed to speak. No it’s not the true case though, let’s enter in unseen world of What makes speaking possible.

BRAINthe single most powerful tool in our body which operates at multiple and
complex levels to make it possible to speak. Brain synchronizes movements of lungs, larynx
(voice box) and facial muscles and  makes sounds. When brain receives a signal from
external stimulus/action upon reception of signal brain prepares itself for reply. This preparation involves. Verbal reply which should be made. A message to the lungs. Message to the voice box i.e. larynx. Message to the articulatory muscles via nerves.

When it is decided by brain that verbal response has to be generated, Muscles controlling the movements of the lungs usually pumping action of the lungs, are voluntarily made to do extra work in which extra air is inhaled apart from needed for the breathing then ample amount of air is restored in lungs and then air is  pumped out through exhalation through trachea (wind pipe).

When travelling up through the trachea/wind pipe it meets larynx on its way up. Now, the larynx which is also called as sound box, Have vocal folds at its center. A pair of muscles which has a capacity of creating vibrations. Now when this air is passed through the larynx due to synchronized vibrations of the vocal folds it gets converted in to the voice. vibrations of vocal folds is only done when message is receives to its muscles through different nerves. We all have different voice qualities and that is due to length, tension and mass of our vocal fold. Quiet complex but we can now make voice. But it’s just voice it’s yet to develop in sound.

Now when brain will pass on the signal to the muscles which are also called as articulatory muscles which are facial muscles only. Upon receiving signal this muscles make movements and at the same time voice is generated and sounds are produced, with the help of oral and nasal resonance. Yuppyyy!!!! we can speak now. But is this really speaking …???                         

What the speech is really all about- strings of such a sounds in sequence to form a words and strings of such a words to small phrases and sentences. So too many sounds when made by us are presented, we complete the task of speaking. And to make too many sounds, each time we have to follow whole process without skipping any of component. Remember all these activities of making simple sound are happening at same time which is an intelligent work of our brain.

Well the best part is coming now that we don’t only speak. But brain makes a use of rules to convey spoken utterances and that rule is the rule of language. Only a thinking brain makes use of this rule and forms a language.

Now language is an exceptional skill of human which is possible due to intelligence of human brain.


Mr. HemantBansode.

Speech Therapist & audiologist.

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